The Evolution, Genes & Genomics Group (EG^3) comprises staff, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students in the School of Biology at the University of St Andrews who conduct research in this area. Our research focuses on a wide range of topics in evolution, molecular genetics and physiology. We have strong research links with other universities, research institutes and laboratories in the British Isles and abroad. We offer first class research facilities, in well-equipped laboratories, set in wonderful surroundings.

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Recent Submissions

  • Green plants in the red : a baseline global assessment for the IUCN Sampled Red List Index for Plants 

    Brummitt, Neil; Bachman, Steven; Griffiths-Lee, Janine; Lutz, Maiko; Moat, Justin; Farjon, Aljos; Donaldson, John; Hilton-Taylor, Craig; Meagher, Thomas Robert; Albuquerque, Sara; Aletrari, Elina; Andrews, A. Kei; Atchison, Guy; Baloch, Elisabeth; Barlozzini, Barbara; Brunazzi, Alice; Carretero, Julia; Celesti, Marco; Chadburn, Helen; Ciafoni, Eduardo; Cockel, Chris; Coldwell, Vanessa; Concetti, Benedetta; Contu, Sara; Crook, Vicki; Dyson, Philippa; Gardiner, Lauren; Ghanim, Nadia; Greene, Hannah; Groom, Alice; Harker, Ruth; Hopkins, Della; Khela, Sonia; Lakeman-Fraser, Poppy; Lindon, Heather; Lockwood, Helen; Loftu, Christine; Lombrici, Debora; Lopez-Poveda, Lucia; Lyon, James; Malcolm-Tompkins, Patricia; McGregor, Kirsty; Moreno, Laura; Murray, Linda; Nazar, Keara; Nic Lughadha, Eimear (2015-08-07) - Journal article
    Plants provide fundamental support systems for life on Earth and are the basis for all terrestrial ecosystems; a decline in plant diversity will be detrimental to all other groups of organisms including humans. Decline in ...
  • The role of edaphic environment and climate in structuring phylogenetic pattern in seasonally dry tropical plant communities 

    Moro, Marcelo Freire; Silva, Igor Aurélio; Araújo, Francisca Soares de; NIc Lughadha, Eimear; Meagher, Thomas Robert; Martins, Fernando Roberto (2015-03-23) - Journal article
    Seasonally dry tropical plant formations (SDTF) are likely to exhibit phylogenetic clustering owing to niche conservatism driven by a strong environmental filter (water stress), but heterogeneous edaphic environments and ...
  • Do species conservation assessments capture genetic diversity? 

    Rivers, Malin Cecilia; Brummitt, Neil; Nic Lughadha, Eimear; Meagher, Thomas Robert (2014-12) - Journal article
    The best known system for classifying threat status of species, the IUCN Red List, currently lacks explicit considerations of genetic diversity, and consequently may not account for potential adaptation of species to future ...
  • Rapidly evolving genes and stress adaptation of two desert poplars, Populus euphratica and P. pruinosa 

    Zhang, Jian; Xie, Penghui; Lascoux, Martin; Meagher, Thomas Robert; Liu, Jianquan (2013-06-11) - Journal article
    Understanding which genes have evolved rapidly with the recent tree speciation in arid habitats can provide valuable insights into different adaptation mechanisms. We employed a comparative evolutionary analysis of expressed ...
  • Models incorporating chromatin modification data identify functionally important p53 binding sites 

    Lim, Ji-Hyun; Iggo, Richard Derek; Barker, Daniel (2013-06) - Journal article
    Genome-wide prediction of transcription factor binding sites is notoriously difficult. We have developed and applied a logistic regression approach for prediction of binding sites for the p53 transcription factor that ...

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