The Centre brings together a unique group of researchers in the Schools of Biology and Psychology who share a distinctive set of common interests in the study of social learning, culture and cognitive evolution. Core activities include a joint seminar programme, the promotion of a scheme for both Senior and Junior Visiting Research Fellows and shared postgraduate training. Supplementary activities include the organisation of workshops and conferences.

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Recent Submissions

  • What is a gesture? A meaning-based approach to defining gestural repertoires 

    Hobaiter, Catherine; Byrne, Richard W. (2017) - Journal item
    Current systems of categorizing ape gestures are typically subjective, relying on human intuition. We have systematized the features on which categorization depends (movement; body part; one/both limbs; use of detached ...
  • Causes and consequences of tool shape variation in New Caledonian crows 

    Sugasawa, Shoko; Klump, Barbara Christina; St Clair, James J. H.; Rutz, Christian (2017-12-18) - Journal article
    Hominins have been making tools for over three million years [1], yet the earliest known hooked tools appeared as recently as 90,000 years ago [2]. Hook innovation is likely to have boosted our ancestors’ hunting and fishing ...
  • Cultural revolutions reduce complexity in the songs of humpback whales 

    Allen, Jenny A.; Garland, Ellen C.; Dunlop, Rebecca A.; Noad, Michael J. (2018-11-21) - Journal article
    Much evidence for non-human culture comes from vocally learned displays, such as the vocal dialects and song displays of birds and cetaceans. While many oscine birds use song complexity to assess male fitness, the role of ...
  • Culturally transmitted song exchange between humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in the southeast Atlantic and southwest Indian Ocean basins 

    Rekdahl, Melinda L; Garland, Ellen Clare; Carvajal, Gabriella A; King, Carissa D.; Collins, Tim; Razafindrakoto, Yvette; Rosenbaum, Howard (2018-11) - Journal article
    In migratory marine species, investigating population connectivity and structure can be challenging given barriers to dispersal are less evident and multiple factors may influence individual movement patterns. Male humpback ...
  • Spontaneous social tool use in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) 

    Schweinfurth, Manon K.; Detroy, Sarah E.; Van Leeuwen, Edwin J. C.; Call, Josep; Haun, Daniel B. M. (2018-11-12) - Journal article
    Although there is good evidence that social animals show elaborate cognitive skills to deal with others, there are few reports of animals physically using social agents and their respective responses as means to an end—social ...

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