The Centre brings together a unique group of researchers in the Schools of Biology and Psychology who share a distinctive set of common interests in the study of social learning, culture and cognitive evolution. Core activities include a joint seminar programme, the promotion of a scheme for both Senior and Junior Visiting Research Fellows and shared postgraduate training. Supplementary activities include the organisation of workshops and conferences.

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Recent Submissions

  • Clicks of dwarf sperm whales (Kogia sima) 

    Merkens, Karlina; Mann, David; Janik, Vincent M.; Claridge, Diane; Hill, Marie; Oleson, Erin (2018-10-24) - Journal article
    The two species of the genus Kogia are widely distributed throughout the world's temperate and tropical oceans, but because they are small and highly cryptic, they are difficult to monitor. The acoustic signals of K. ...
  • Wild hummingbirds require a consistent view of landmarks to pinpoint a goal location 

    Pritchard, David J.; Hurly, T. Andrew; Healy, Susan D. (2018-03) - Journal article
    One outcome of the extensive work on the ways that birds and insects use visual landmarks to return to a rewarded location is that they use landmarks differently. But this conclusion may have been reached because the almost ...
  • Social learning about construction behaviour via an artefact 

    Breen, Alexis J.; Bonneaud, Clémence C.; Healy, Susan D.; Guillette, Lauren Mary (2019-02-14) - Journal article
    One source of public information may be the enduring products of others’ behaviour, such as discarded tools or vacated nests. Here, we examined whether observation of a nest affects the material captive zebra finch males ...
  • Orangutans (Pongo abelii) make flexible decisions relative to reward quality and tool functionality in a multi-dimensional tool-use task 

    Laumer, Isabelle B.; Auersperg, Alice M. I.; Bugnyar, Thomas; Call, Josep (2019-02-13) - Journal article
    Making economic decisions in a natural foraging situation that involves the use of tools, may require an animal to consider more levels of relational complexity than merely deciding between an immediate and a delayed food ...
  • Vestigial singing behaviour persists after the evolutionary loss of song in crickets 

    Schneider, Will; Rutz, Christian; Hedwig, Berthold; Bailey, Nathan W. (2018-02-14) - Journal article
    The evolutionary loss of sexual traits is widely predicted. Because sexual signals can arise from the coupling of specialized motor activity with morphological structures, disruption to a single component could lead to ...

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