The Sea Mammal Research Unit carries out fundamental, cutting-edge research on marine mammals in many different subject areas. This research is carried out worldwide with a core objective of understanding the causes and consequences of changes in populations. With ever increasing pressure on the world's oceans and it resources, marine mammals are consequently often impacted by man's marine activities. One of our main aims is to therefore determine the nature, magnitude and significance of these expanding interactions.

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Recent Submissions

  • Spatio-temporal variation in click production rates of beaked whales : implications for passive acoustic density estimation 

    Warren, Victoria E.; Marques, Tiago A.; Harris, Danielle; Thomas, Len; Tyack, Peter L.; Aguilar de Soto, Natacha; Hickmott, Leigh S.; Johnson, Mark P. (2017-03) - Journal article
    Passive acoustic monitoring has become an increasingly prevalent tool for estimating density of marine mammals, such as beaked whales, which vocalize often but are difficult to survey visually. Counts of acoustic cues ...
  • Fine-scale harbour seal usage for informed marine spatial planning 

    Jones, Esther Lane; Sparling, Carol Elizabeth; McConnell, Bernie J; Morris, Christopher; Smout, Sophie Caroline (2017-09-14) - Journal article
    High-resolution species distribution maps are required for marine spatial planning, consenting, and licensing to assess interactions between anthropogenic activities and ecosystems. This approach can inform conservation ...
  • Ocean observations using tagged animals 

    Roquet, Fabien; Boehme, Lars; Block, Barbara; Charrasin, Jean Benoit; Costa, Daniel; Guinet, Christophe; Harcourt, Robert G.; Hindell, Mark A.; Hückstädt, Luis A.; McMahon, Clive R.; Woodward, Bill; Fedak, Michael Andre (2017-06) - Journal article
    “Biologging” through temporary attachment of miniaturized data loggers on marine animals is revolutionizing the science of marine ecology (Block et al., 2011; Hussey et al., 2015). It also offers new capabilities to observe ...
  • Insights into Blainville's beaked whale (Mesoplodon densirostris) echolocation ontogeny from recordings of mother-calf pairs 

    Dunn, Charlotte; Claridge, Diane; Durban, John; Shaffer, Jessica; Moretti, David; Tyack, Peter; Rendell, Luke (2017-01) - Journal article
  • Harbour seals avoid tidal turbine noise : implications for collision risk 

    Hastie, Gordon D.; Russell, Debbie J. F.; Lepper, Paul; Elliott, Jim; Wilson, Ben; Benjamins, Steven; Thompson, Dave (2017-09-15) - Journal article
    1.  Tidal stream energy converters (turbines) are currently being installed in tidally energetic coastal sites. However, there is currently a high level of uncertainty surrounding the potential environmental impacts on ...

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