The Sea Mammal Research Unit carries out fundamental, cutting-edge research on marine mammals in many different subject areas. This research is carried out worldwide with a core objective of understanding the causes and consequences of changes in populations. With ever increasing pressure on the world's oceans and it resources, marine mammals are consequently often impacted by man's marine activities. One of our main aims is to therefore determine the nature, magnitude and significance of these expanding interactions.

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Recent Submissions

  • Phenological sensitivity to climate across taxa and trophic levels 

    Thackeray, Stephen J.; Henrys, Peter A.; Hemming, Deborah; Bell, James R.; Botham, Marc S.; Burthe, Sarah; Helaouet, Pierre; Johns, David G.; Jones, Ian D; Leech, David. I.; Mackay, Eleanor B.; Massimino, Dario; Atkinson, Sian; Bacon, Philip J.; Brereton, Tom M.; Carvalho, Laurence; Clutton-Brock, Tim H.; Duck, Callan; Edwards, Martin; Elliott, J. Malcolm; Hall, Stephen J. G.; Harrington, Richard; Pearce-Higgins, James W.; Høye, Toke T.; Kruuk, Loeske E. B.; Pemberton, Josephine M.; Sparks, Tim H.; Thompson, Paul M.; White, Ian; Winfield, Ian J.; Wanless, Sarah (2016-07-14) - Journal article
    Differences in phenological responses to climate change among species can desynchronise ecological interactions and thereby threaten ecosystem function. To assess these threats, we must quantify the relative impact of ...
  • Good vibrations by the beach boys : magnitude of substrate vibrations is a reliable indicator of male grey seal size 

    Bishop, Amanda; Denton, Paul; Pomeroy, Patrick; Twiss, Sean (2015-02) - Journal article
    Communication via substrate vibrations can convey information on conspecific presence, individual quality, group cohesion and/or allow for predator avoidance. Although studies have identified that various species use this ...
  • Between the devil and the deep blue sea : the role of the Amundsen Sea continental shelf in exchanges between ocean and ice shelves 

    Heywood, Karen; Biddle, Louise; Boehme, Lars; Dutrieux, Pierre; Fedak, Michael Andre; Jenkins, Adrian; Jones, Richard W.; Kaiser, Jan; Mallett, Helen; Naveira Garabato, Alberto C.; Renfrew, Ian A.; Stevens, David P.; Webber, Benjamin G.M. (2016-12) - Journal article
    The Amundsen Sea is a key region of Antarctica where ocean, atmosphere, sea ice and ice sheet interact. For much of Antarctica, the relatively warm ocean water in the open Southern Ocean (a few degrees above freezing) is ...
  • Harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) abundance within the Firth of Tay and Eden Estuary, Scotland : recent trends and extrapolation to extinction 

    Hanson, Nora Nell; Thompson, David; Duck, Callan David; Baxter, John; Lonergan, Michael Edward (2015-12-08) - Journal article
    1. Aerial surveys have detected alarming declines in counts of harbour seals in several regions across Scotland. 2. Demographic data and simple models were used to examine the recent decline in the numbers of harbour seals ...
  • Experimental field studies to measure behavioral responses of cetaceans to sonar 

    Southall, Brandon L.; Nowacek, Douglas P.; Miller, Patrick J. O.; Tyack, Peter L. (2016-12-06) - Journal item
    Substantial recent progress has been made in directly measuring behavioral responses of free-ranging marine mammals to sound using controlled exposure experiments. Many studies were motivated by concerns about observed and ...

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