The Sea Mammal Research Unit carries out fundamental, cutting-edge research on marine mammals in many different subject areas. This research is carried out worldwide with a core objective of understanding the causes and consequences of changes in populations. With ever increasing pressure on the world's oceans and it resources, marine mammals are consequently often impacted by man's marine activities. One of our main aims is to therefore determine the nature, magnitude and significance of these expanding interactions.

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  • Positive social behaviours are induced and retained after oxytocin manipulations mimicking endogenous concentrations in a wild mammal 

    Robinson, Kelly Joanne; Twiss, Sean D.; Hazon, Neil; Moss, Simon; Pomeroy, Patrick (2017-05-31) - Journal article
    The neuropeptide hormone oxytocin modulates numerous social and parental behaviours across a wide range of species, including humans. We conducted manipulation experiments on wild grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) to determine ...
  • Physical constraints of cultural evolution of dialects in killer whales 

    Filatova, Olga A.; Samarra, Filipa I. P.; Barrett-Lennard, Lance G.; Miller, Patrick J. O.; Ford, John K. B.; Yurk, Harald; Matkin, Craig O.; Hoyt, Erich (2016-11-17) - Journal article
    Odontocete sounds are produced by two pairs of phonic lips situated in soft nares below the blowhole; the right pair is larger and is more likely to produce clicks, while the left pair is more likely to produce whistles. ...
  • Resolving issues with environmental impact assessment of marine renewable energy installations 

    Maclean, Ilya M. D.; Inger, Richard; Benson, David; Booth, Cormac G.; Embling, Clare B.; Grecian, W. James; Heymans, Johanna J.; Plummer, Kate E.; Shackshaft, Michael; Sparling, Carol E.; Wilson, Ben; Wright, Lucy J.; Bradbury, Gareth; Christen, Nadja; Godley, Brendan J.; Jackson, Angus C.; McCluskie, Aly; Nicholls-Lee, Rachel; Bearhop, Stuart (2014-12-16) - Journal article
    Growing concerns about climate change and energy security have fueled a rapid increase in the development of marine renewable energy installations (MREIs). The potential ecological consequences of increased use of these ...
  • Inter- and intra-year variation in foraging areas of breeding kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla) 

    Robertson, G. S.; Bolton, M.; Grecian, W. J.; Monaghan, P. (2014-09) - Journal article
    While seabird conservation efforts have largely focused on protection from threats at the colony (e.g. reducing disturbance and predation), attention is increasingly being given to implementing protection measures for ...
  • Quantifying variation in δ13C and δ15N isotopes within and between feathers and individuals : is one sample enough? 

    Grecian, W. James; McGill, Rona A. R.; Phillips, Richard A.; Ryan, Peter G.; Furness, Robert W. (2015-04) - Journal article
    Studies of avian migration increasingly use stable isotope analysis to provide vital trophic and spatial markers. However, when interpreting differences in stable isotope values of feathers, many studies are forced to make ...

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