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  • Lack of behavioural responses of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) indicate limited effectiveness of sonar mitigation 

    Wensveen, Paul J.; Kvadsheim, Petter H.; Lam, Frans-Peter A.; von Benda-Beckmann, Alexander M.; Sivle, Lise D.; Visser, Fleur; Curé, Charlotte; Tyack, Peter L.; Miller, Patrick J. O. (2017-11-15) - Journal article
    Exposure to underwater sound can cause permanent hearing loss and other physiological effects in marine animals. To reduce this risk, naval sonars are sometimes gradually increased in intensity at the start of transmission ...
  • Sex differences in confidence influence patterns of conformity 

    Cross, Catharine P.; Brown, Gillian R.; Morgan, Thomas J. H.; Laland, Kevin N. (2017-11) - Journal article
    Lack of confidence in one's own ability can increase the likelihood of relying on social information. Sex differences in confidence have been extensively investigated in cognitive tasks, but implications for conformity ...
  • Generation of specific inhibitors of SUMO1- and SUMO2/3-mediated protein-protein interactions using Affimer (Adhiron) technology 

    Hughes, David J.; Tiede, Christian; Penswick, Natalie; A. S. Tang, Anna; Trinh, Chi H.; Mendal, Upasana; Zajac, Katarzyna Z; Gaule, Thembaninskosi; Howell, Gareth; Edwards, Thomas A; Duan, Jianxin; Feyfant, Eric; McPhereson, Michael J.; Tomlinson, Darren C.; Whitehouse, Adrian (2017-11-14) - Journal article
    Because protein-protein interactions underpin most biological processes, developing tools that target them to understand their function or to inform the development of therapeutics, is an important task. SUMOylation is the ...
  • Title redacted 

    Loth, Alina (University of St Andrews, 2017-12-07) - Thesis
  • Understanding human culture : theoretical and experimental studies of cumulative culture 

    Miu, Elena (University of St Andrews, 2017-12-07) - Thesis
    There is something extraordinary about human culture. The striking complexity of our technologies, institutions, beliefs, and norms has allowed us to colonise the entire planet. One aspect in which human culture is unique ...