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dc.contributor.advisorMackie, Steven
dc.contributor.authorPope-Levison, Priscilla
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation investigates evangelization in the writings of ten Roman Catholic and Protestant theologians who were chosen due to their interaction with the major themes of Liberation Theology and their interest in evangelization. The six Roman Catholic theologians include Leonardo Boff, Segundo Gulilea, Gustavo Gutihrrez, Archbishop Oscar Romero, Juan Luis Segundo, and Jon Sobrino. The four Protestant theologians include Mortimer Arias, Emilio Castro, Orlando Costas, and Jose Miguez Bonino. Along with a chapter on each theologian, two separate chapters are devoted to a comparison of the Roman Catholics as a group and the Protestants as a group. The concluding chapter collects the findings and presents a common view of evangelization in Latin American Liberation Theology. In addition, this thesis is set in its historical context with studies of evangelization in four Roman Catholic Documents – Vatican II, Medellin, Evanglii Nuntiandi, and Puebla, and WCC documents tram the New Delhi Assembly (1961) to the Vancouver Assembly (1983). This study demonstrates that evangelization is a central theme of Latin American Liberation Theology. Both Roman Catholic and Protestant liberation theologians devote a great deal of attention to this topic which serves for them as a bridge between theology and praxis. In the theological realm, evangelization is founded on the concept of the reign of God. III the arena of praxis, evangelization is centered on proclamation and action. In addition, evangelization stands as a theme around which Roman Catholic and Protestant liberation theologians unite; the similarities between them are significant and numerous. These theologians present a view of evangelization which has the potential to alter traditional understandings and existing structures of evangelization. Their concept of evangelization pioneers new frontiers as it interacts with liberation, the poor, denunciation, action, collective conversion, and a comprehensive view of the reign of God.en_US
dc.titleEvangelization in the writings of Latin American liberation theologiansen_US
dc.type.qualificationnamePhD Doctor of Philosophyen_US
dc.publisher.institutionThe University of St Andrewsen_US

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