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    • The relationship between musical ability and literacy skills 

      Douglas, Sheila A. (University of St Andrews, 1998) - Thesis
      Many researchers have shown that a relationship exists between phonological awareness and literacy skills, and a recent study has shown a relationship between musical skills and reading. It has also been shown that a ...
    • Cognitive deficits underlying children's mathematical difficulties 

      Bull, Rebecca (University of St Andrews, 1998) - Thesis
      Many children have difficulties learning mathematics, and the consequences of poor mathematical skills are very far reaching. Studies examining the reasons why children struggle to learn mathematics are scarce, particularly ...
    • A theistic evaluation of John Dewey's philosophy of education 

      Eymann, Harold H. (University of St Andrews, 1952) - Thesis
    • Analysis of patterns of play in association football 

      Ali, Araz H. (University of St Andrews, 1990) - Thesis
      The main problem in analysing soccer is the existence of a large number of interacting variables. Far fewer difficulties exist for cricket, baseball, racket ball games or even American football, where the actions may be ...
    • Assessing the metabolic demands of women's hockey 

      Lothian, Fiona D. (University of St Andrews, 1995) - Thesis
      The metabolic demands for women hockey players (n=12) were estimated during real match play using heart rate analysis and time-motion analysis. An individual heart rate - oxygen uptake regression equation, established at ...