Our research strengths are in dynamic macroeconomics, choice theory, bounded rationality, game theory, expectations and learning, competition and innovation and climate change. We support two research centres - the Centre for Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis (CDMA) and the Centre for Research in Industry, Enterprise, Finance and the Firm (CRIEFF), and we are also actively involved in the Scottish Institute for Research in Economics (SIRE).

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Recent Submissions

  • Education, income and happiness : panel evidence for the UK 

    FitzRoy, Felix R.; Nolan, Michael A. (2018-11-14) - Journal article
    Using panel data from the BHPS and its Understanding Society extension, we study life satisfaction (LS) and income over nearly two decades, for samples split by education, and age, to our knowledge for the first time. The ...
  • ​Afriat's Theorem and Samuelson's 'Eternal Darkness' 

    Polisson, Matthew; Renou, Ludovic (2016-08) - Journal article
    Suppose that we have access to a finite set of expenditure data drawn from an individual consumer, i.e., how much of each good has been purchased and at what prices. Afriat (1967) was the first to establish necessary and ...
  • Higher tax for top earners 

    FitzRoy, Felix; Jin, Jim (University of St Andrews, 2017-02) - Working or discussion paper
    The literature can justify increasing and decreasing marginal taxes (IMT & DMT) on top income under different social objectives and income distributions. Even if DMT are optimal, they are often politically infeasible. Then ...
  • Examining monetary policy transmission in the People's Republic of China – structural change models with a Monetary Policy Index 

    Egan, Paul Gerard; Leddin, Anthony J. (2016-03) - Journal article
    This paper estimates augmented versions of the Investment–Saving curve for the People's Republic of China in an attempt to examine the relationship between monetary policy and the real economy. It endeavors to account for ...
  • Multi-task research and research joint ventures 

    La Manna, Manfredi M A (2013-04) - Journal article
    The paper shows that, whenever the completion of a research project requires the overcoming of more than one research obstacle, then Research Joint Ventures enjoy an intrinsic advantage relative to independent firms. This ...

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