Our research strengths are in dynamic macroeconomics, choice theory, bounded rationality, game theory, expectations and learning, competition and innovation and climate change. We support two research centres - the Centre for Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis (CDMA) and the Centre for Research in Industry, Enterprise, Finance and the Firm (CRIEFF), and we are also actively involved in the Scottish Institute for Research in Economics (SIRE).

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Recent Submissions

  • On the microeconomic foundations of linear demand for differentiated products 

    Amir, Rabah; Erickson, Philip; Jin, Jim (2017-05) - Journal article
    This paper provides a thorough exploration of the microeconomic foundations for the multi-variate linear demand function for differentiated products, which is widely used in industrial organization. The setting is the ...
  • Altruism and global environmental taxes 

    Daube, Marc (2018-09-20) - Journal article
    A global externality like the GHG emissions leading to climate change are both due to free-riding at the individual level as well as the government level. A government aiming to maximise domestic social welfare may make ...
  • The ‘inventor balance’ and the functional specialization in global inventive activities 

    Picci, Lucio; Savorelli, Luca (2018-01) - Journal article
    Inventors and organizational assets are inputs of inventive activities which are often provided at a global scale, where countries might specialize in the provision of one or the other type of inputs. We introduce a new ...
  • Free trade versus autarky under asymmetric Cournot oligopoly 

    Amir, Rabah; Jin, Jim Y.; Tröge, Michael (2017-02) - Journal article
    The paper compares free trade with autarky in an asymmetric multi-country world under Cournot competition with constant returns to scale and linear demand. We derive respective conditions under which free trade will hurt ...
  • Dynamic benchmark targeting 

    Schlag, Karl H.; Zapechelnyuk, Andriy (2017-05-01) - Journal article
    We study decision making in complex discrete-time dynamic environments where Bayesian optimization is intractable. A decision maker is equipped with a finite set of benchmark strategies. She aims to perform similarly to ...

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