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    • Title redacted 

      Harvey, Sam (2024-06-11) - Thesis
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    • Vanità : a screenplay 

      Massie, Catherine (2024-06-11) - Thesis
      Abstract redacted
    • Miscegenation and the postwar nation : interracial love, desire and white British identity in fictions of Britain and empire, 1947-1965 

      Logue, Jamie Thomas (2024-06-11) - Thesis
      This thesis examines fictional representations of interracial love, desire and sexual relationships – so-called miscegenation – in both Britain and empire across the two decades that followed the Second World War. With a ...
    • Miracle : the Pax Humana (Novel excerpt) 

      Edic, William Erickson (2024-06-11) - Thesis
      This thesis is an approximately 40,000 word-long excerpt of Miracle: The Pax Humana, a science fiction novel set in a "fallen-utopia" setting influenced by Golden Age science fiction, utopian literature of the Renaissance, ...
    • Follies & f*ckups 

      Gabrione, Nicole (2024-06-11) - Thesis
      Follies & F*ckups is a comedy that both engages with and makes fun of the tropes and manners of both Jane Austen’s novels and contemporary Regency romances, such as the Bridgerton novels and television show. The goal of ...