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    • Building a genomic framework for prospective MRSA surveillance in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland 

      Reuter, Sandra; Török, Estee M; Holden, Matthew Tg; Reynolds, Rosy; Raven, Kathy E; Blane, Beth; Donker, Tjibbe; Bentley, Stephen D; Aanensen, David M; Grundmann, Hajo; Feil, Edward J; Spratt, Brian G; Parkhill, Julian; Peacock, Sharon J (2016-02) - Journal article
      The correct interpretation of microbial sequencing data applied to surveillance and outbreak investigation depends on accessible genomic databases to provide vital genetic context. Our aim was to construct and describe a ...
    • Gene exchange drives the ecological success of a multi-host bacterial pathogen 

      Richardson, Emily J; Bacigalupe, Rodrigo; Harrison, Ewan M; Weinert, Lucy A; Lycett, Samantha; Vrieling, Manouk; Robb, Kirsty; Hoskisson, Paul A; Holden, Matthew T G; Feil, Edward J; Paterson, Gavin K; Tong, Steven Y C; Shittu, Adebayo; van Wamel, Willem; Aanensen, David M; Parkhill, Julian; Peacock, Sharon J; Corander, Jukka; Holmes, Mark; Fitzgerald, J Ross (2018-07-23) - Journal article
      The capacity for some pathogens to jump into different host-species populations is a major threat to public health and food security. Staphylococcus aureus is a multi-host bacterial pathogen responsible for important human ...
    • Population genetic structuring of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clone EMRSA-15 within UK reflects patient referral patterns 

      Donker, Tjibbe; Reuter, Sandra; Scriberras, James; Reynolds, Rosy; Brown, Nicholas M; Török, M Estée; James, Richard; Network, East Of England Microbiology Research; Aanensen, David M; Bentley, Stephen D; Holden, Matthew T. G.; Parkhill, Julian; Spratt, Brian G; Peacock, Sharon J; Feil, Edward J; Grundmann, Hajo (2017-07-09) - Journal article
      Antibiotic resistance forms a serious threat to the health of hospitalised patients, rendering otherwise treatable bacterial infections potentially life-threatening. A thorough understanding of the mechanisms by which ...