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    • Generation of specific inhibitors of SUMO1- and SUMO2/3-mediated protein-protein interactions using Affimer (Adhiron) technology 

      Hughes, David J.; Tiede, Christian; Penswick, Natalie; A. S. Tang, Anna; Trinh, Chi H.; Mendal, Upasana; Zajac, Katarzyna Z; Gaule, Thembaninskosi; Howell, Gareth; Edwards, Thomas A; Duan, Jianxin; Feyfant, Eric; McPhereson, Michael J.; Tomlinson, Darren C.; Whitehouse, Adrian (2017-11-14) - Journal article
      Because protein-protein interactions underpin most biological processes, developing tools that target them to understand their function or to inform the development of therapeutics, is an important task. SUMOylation is the ...