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    • Grímnismál : a critical edition 

      Mattioli, Vittorio (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-28) - Thesis
      The purpose of this thesis is an in-depth analysis of the Eddic poem Grímnismál found in the manuscript known as Codex Regius (GKS 2365 4to), located in Reykjavík, dated to c. 1270 and a fragment (AM 748 I 4to), located ...
    • The 'Passiones' of St. Kilian : cult, politics and society in the Carolingian and Ottonian worlds 

      Thornborough, Joanna (University of St Andrews, 2015-06-25) - Thesis
      The subject of this thesis is the relationship between hagiography and cult in the early medieval west taken through the example of the Passiones of St. Kilian of Würzburg († 689) in the period from circa 700 to circa 1000 ...