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    • Growing through subsidies 

      Aloi, Marta; Lasselle, Laurence (School of Economics and Finance, University of St Andrews., 2001) - Working or discussion paper
      We consider an overlapping generation model based on Matsuyama (1999) and show that, whenever actual capital accumulation falls below its balanced growth path, subsidising innovators by taxing consumers has stabilising ...
    • On the persistence of output fluctuations in high technology sectors 

      Lasselle, Laurence; Aloi, Marta; McMillan, David G. (School of Economics and Finance, University of St Andrews, 2000) - Working or discussion paper
      Fatás (2000) argues that in a cross-section analysis of countries there exists a positive correlation between long-term growth rates and the persistence of output fluctuations. The current paper extends this line of ...