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    • Inequalities in LPG and electricity consumption in India : The role of caste, tribe, and religion 

      Saxena, Vibhor; Bhattacharya, PC (2018-02) - Journal article
      This paper examines the role of caste, tribe, and religion in determining energy inequality in India. We provide evidence by using the National Sample Survey Organisation data from the 68th round (2011–12) of 87,753 ...
    • Spatial takeoff in the first industrial revolution 

      Trew, Alex William (University of St Andrews, 2014-01) - Working or discussion paper
      Using the framework of Desmet and Rossi-Hansberg (forthcoming), we present a model of spatial takeoff that is calibrated using spatially-disaggregated occupational data for England in c.1710. The model predicts changes in ...