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    • Cult associations in the post-classical polis 

      Steinhauer, Julietta (2013) - Thesis
      This thesis investigates the emergence, spread and characteristics of voluntary associations in the Greek cities of the Aegean world in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. It is based on archaeological and epigraphic evidence ...
    • Talking politics : constructing the res publica after Caesar’s assassination 

      Swithinbank, Hannah J. (2010-06) - Thesis
      The nature of the Republican constitution has been much contested by scholars studying the history of the Roman Republic. In considering the problems of the late Republic, the nature of the constitution is an important ...
    • Written into the landscape : Latin epic and the landmarks of literary reception 

      McIntyre, James Stuart (2009-06) - Thesis
      Landscape in Roman literature is manifest with symbolic potential: in particular, Vergil and Ovid respond to ideologically loaded representations of abundance in nature that signal the dawn of the Augustan golden age. ...