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    • Phosphine modified rhodium catalysts for the carbonylation of methanol 

      Lamb, Gareth W. (University of St Andrews, 2008-06-25) - Thesis
      The carbonylation of methanol to acetic acid is one of the most important applications in homogeneous catalysis. The first chapter comprises a review on the mechanistic studies into the catalytic cycle of the ‘Monsanto ...
    • The reactions of bromotrichloromethane and bromine with halogenated methanes 

      Copp, David E. (University of St Andrews, 1971) - Thesis
      Over the past few years, the abstraction and addition reactions of trichloromethyl radicals, produced by the photolysis of bromotrichloromethane have been studied in this laboratory. The addition reactions of the trichloromethyl ...