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    • Generation and reactivity of carbon, sulphur and tellurium centred free radicals 

      Culshaw, Peter Norman (University of St Andrews, 1991) - Thesis
      Using ESR dimer-radical equilibrium techniques the heat of formation, △Hf⁰, of the pentamethylcyclopentadienyl radical was determined as 7.4 kcal mol⁻¹, and hence SEMeH was calculated to be 37.9 kcal mol⁻¹. It was attempted ...
    • Search for practical alternatives to organotin hydrides 

      Baguley, Paul A. (University of St Andrews, 1998) - Thesis
      A summary of the tin hydride method of generating radicals in organic synthesis is presented, followed by illustrative examples of other methods available for mediating radical reactions, with a particular emphasis on ...