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    • The acetylation and methylation of starch 

      Rutherford, Jean Kerr (University of St Andrews, 1931-09) - Thesis
      The colloidal nature of starch, and the high molecular weight of the complex has rendered it impossible to study the constitution of this polysaccharide by other than degradation reactions. Accordingly starch has been ...
    • The chemistry of glucosone 

      Fewster, John A. (University of St Andrews, 1953) - Thesis
      Although the osones were first prepared by Emil Fischer sixty-five years ago and, in the intervening period, investigation of these compounds has not been neglected, there exists no modern comprehensive review of their ...
    • The constitution of starch : a study of the methyl, acetyl, and benzoyl derivatives of starch 

      Caldwell, Walter Anderson (University of St Andrews, 1934-01) - Thesis
      The field of the Chemistry of Starch is so wide and the complexities involved are so great that any attempt to solve the problems of the constitution of starch cannot be spread over the whole front, but must necessarily ...
    • The development of an improved kinetic flow technique and its application to the pyrolysis of methyl bromide 

      Woolley, Gordon Robert (University of St Andrews, 1965) - Thesis
      The first object of this work was to produce a technique of analysing continuously the exit gases of flow reactors under conditions where the extent of decomposition is small, and to do this with particular reference to ...
    • Excited state reactions of some aromatic carbonyl compounds 

      Ireland, John Frame (University of St Andrews, 1972) - Thesis
      The pK values for xanthone protonation in the S₀, S₁ and T₁ states have been determined by direct measurement and by Forster Cycle calculation. Both methods for determining pK give the order for xanthone of pK(T₁) > pK(S₁) ...
    • Investigations on cellulose 

      Robertson, George James (University of St Andrews, 1924-06) - Thesis
    • Lewis base-promoted organocatalysis : O- to C-carboxyl transfer reactions 

      Campbell, Craig D. (University of St Andrews, 2010-11-30) - Thesis
      This work describes the application of a variety of Lewis bases, encompassing predominantly N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs), but also the use of imidazoles, aminopyridines, amidines and isothioureas, as effective catalysts ...
    • The molecular constitution of inulin 

      McOwan, George (University of St Andrews, 1923-04) - Thesis
      The investigation on inulin, which forms the subject of the present thesis, is an extension of the earlier work of Irvine and Steele, who placed the study of this polysaccharide on an exact basis.
    • Organocatalytic functionalisation of carboxylic acids using isothioureas 

      Morrill, Louis Christian (University of St Andrews, 2014-06-25) - Thesis
      This thesis describes investigations into the ability of isothioureas to act as organocatalysts in formal [4+2] cycloadditions between carboxylic acids and various Michael acceptors via C1-ammonium enolate intermediates. Initial ...
    • The preparation of n-methyl-menthylamines etc. by means of a new method of n-alkylation 

      Hendry, James Allan (University of St Andrews, 1940) - Thesis
    • The pyrolysis of benzil and desoxybenzoin 

      Barraclough, Ralph Neil (University of St Andrews, 1959) - Thesis
    • Pyrolysis of diphenylmethane and fluorene 

      McCrae, James Osborne (University of St Andrews, 1953) - Thesis
      This thesis is divided into four main sections. In the 'Introduction' an attempt has been made to give, by a historical approach, a brief account of some of the advances which have been made towards a solution of the general ...
    • The pyrolysis of methyl iodide 

      Boyd, Robert Kinnear (University of St Andrews, 1963) - Thesis
      There is an extensive literature on the pyrolysis and photolysis of organic iodides. The main reason for the popularity of these substances as subjects for kinetic investigations is the relative weakness of the carbon-iodine ...
    • The rate of thermal dissociation of direnzyl 

      Davidson, Iain Munro Thomson (University of St Andrews, 1958) - Thesis
      1) The most recent work on the pyrolysis of dibenzyl suggested that a thermal equilibrium:- PhCH₂CH₂Ph == 2 PhCH₂- was set up as a preliminary to decomposition. The aim of this research was to test this idea by heating ...
    • Reactive intermediates in the chemistry of acetylarylnitrosamines 

      Harger, Martin James Proctor (University of St Andrews, 1968) - Thesis
      The role of aryne intermediates in the reactions of acetylarylnitrosamines in solution has been investigated. Participation by 3-t-butylbenzyne in the decomposition of o-t-butyl-N-nitrosoacetanilide in benzene, leading to ...
    • Studies in the chemistry of pyrrolo (2, 1-b) thiazole 

      Molloy, Bryan Barnet (University of St Andrews, 1963) - Thesis
      A number of synthetic approaches to the pyrrolo [2.1-b] this sole system have been investigated. Two useful preparative methods have been developed. The first is based on the cyclisation of the quaternary salts from 2-methyl- ...
    • Studies in the pyrolysis of some benzyl bromides 

      Mearns, Alexander H. (University of St Andrews, 1961) - Thesis
      The work described in subsequent pages arose from certain difficulties in the current knowledge of the bond dissociation energies (D) of compounds of the type C₆H₅CH₂-X. For the reaction C₆H₅CH₂-X → C₆H₅CH₂ - + X – D ...
    • Studies of 1, 6, 6a-trithiapentalenes and related systems, with special reference to nitrogen analogues 

      Christie, Robert Matthews (University of St Andrews, 1974) - Thesis
      An attempted synthesis of 1,6-dimethyl-6a-thia-1,6-diaza-pentalene from 2,5-dimethylisothiazolium perchlorate was unsuccessful. In the course of the work it was found that 2,5-dimethylisothiazolium perchlorate reacts with ...
    • The synthesis and chemical properties of some compounds containing the perinaphthene nucleus 

      Bonthrone, William (University of St Andrews, 1958) - Thesis
      This thesis comprises three parts, Parts A, B and C. Part A commences with a very brief survey based on the chemical literature of the concept of aromaticity. A number of excellent reviews covering both the historical and ...