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    • Irradiated gametes as a means of limited gene transfer in plant breeding 

      Perryman, A. Linda M. (University of St Andrews, 1991) - Thesis
      Following reports that limited gene transfer may be facilitated by making crosses with irradiated pollen, a debate has arisen as to the cause of the observed results. If maternal trends that occurred in the second generation ...
    • Lipid oxidation in a model system and in meat 

      Arnold, Andrew Richard (University of St Andrews, 1989) - Thesis
      Lipid oxidation is the main factor which limits the shelf-life of meat when held under frozen storage. Research undertaken used pork phospholipid liposomes as a model for studying lipid oxidation in meat. Oxidation was ...
    • Molecular studies of potato leafroll luteovirus multiplication 

      Miller, Jane S. (University of St Andrews, 1993) - Thesis
      Potato leafroll luteovirus is an aphid-transmissible virus which has isometric particles and is confined to the phloem tissue of infected plants. Its multiplication was investigated by using plant protoplasts as a model ...