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    • Socially learned habituation to human observers in wild chimpanzees 

      Samuni, Liran; Mundry, Roger; Terkel, Joseph; Zuberbuehler, Klaus; Hobaiter, Cat (2014-02) - Journal article
      Abstract Habituation to human observers is an essential tool in animal behaviour research. Habituation occurs when repeated and inconsequential exposure to a human observer gradually reduces an animal’s natural aversive ...
    • Variation in hunting behaviour in neighbouring chimpanzee communities in the Budongo forest, Uganda 

      Hobaiter, Catherine; Samuni, Liran; Mullins, Caroline; Akankwasa, Walter John; Zuberbühler, Klaus (2017-06-21) - Journal article
      Hunting and sharing of meat is seen across all chimpanzee sites, with variation in prey preferences, hunting techniques, frequencies, and success rates. Here, we compared hunting and meat-eating behaviour in two adjacent ...