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  • Exorcising Grice's ghost : an empirical approach to studying intentional communication in animals 

    Townsend, Simon W.; Koski, Sonja E.; Byrne, Richard W.; Slocombe, Katie E.; Bickel, Balthasar; Boeckle, Markus; Braga Goncalves, Ines; Burkart, Judith M.; Flower, Tom; Gaunet, Florence; Glock, Hans Johann; Gruber, Thibaud; Jansen, David A. W. A. M.; Liebal, Katja; Linke, Angelika; Miklósi, Ádám; Moore, Richard; van Schaik, Carel P.; Stoll, Sabine; Vail, Alex; Waller, Bridget M.; Wild, Markus; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Manser, Marta B. (2017-08) - Journal article
    Language's intentional nature has been highlighted as a crucial feature distinguishing it from other communication systems. Specifically, language is often thought to depend on highly structured intentional action and ...