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  • C9ORF72 repeat expansion causes vulnerability of motor neurons to Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptor-mediated excitotoxicity 

    Thangaraj Selvaraj, Bhuvaneish; Livesey, Matthew; Zhao, Chen; Gregory, Jenna; James, Owain; Cleary, Elaine; Chouhan, Amit Kumar; Gane, Angus; Perkins, Emma; Dando, Owen; Lillico, Simon; Lee, Youn-Bok; Nishimura, Agnes; Poreci, Urjana; Thankamony, Sai; Pray, Meryll; Vasistha, Navneet; Magnani, Dario; Borooah, Shyamanga; Burr, Karen; Story, David; McCampbell, Alexander; Shaw, Christopher; Kind, Peter; Aitman, Timothy J.; Whitelaw, Bruce; Wilmut, Ian; Smith, Colin; Miles, Gareth B.; Hardingham, Giles; Wyllie, David; Chandran, Siddharthan (2018-01-24) - Journal article
    Mutations in C9ORF72 are the most common cause of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Here, through a combination of RNA-seq and electrophysiological studies on induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived motor ...