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  • Longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging shows progressive changes in white matter in Huntington’s disease 

    Gregory, Sarah; Cole, James H.; Farmer, Ruth E.; Rees, Elin M.; Roos, Raymond A. C.; Sprengelmeyer, Reiner Heinrich; Duerr, Alexandra; Landwehrmeyer, Bernhard; Zhang, Hui; Scahill, Rachel I.; Tabrizi, Sarah J.; Frost, Chris; Hobbs, Nicola Z. (2015) - Journal article
    BACKGROUND: Huntington’s disease is marked by progressive neuroanatomical changes, assumed to underlie the development of the disease’s characteristic symptoms. Previous work has demonstrated longitudinal macrostructural ...
  • Short-interval observational data to inform clinical trial design in early Huntington’s Disease 

    Hobbs, Nicola Z.; Farmer, Ruth E.; Rees, Elin M.; Cole, James H.; Haider, Salman; Malone, Ian B; Sprengelmeyer, Reiner Heinrich; Johnson, Hans; Mueller, Hans-Peter; Sussmuth, Sigurd D.; Roos, Raymund A.C.; Durr, Alexandra; Frost, Chris; Scahill, Rachael I.; Landwehrmeyer, Bernhard; Tabrizi, Sarah J (2015) - Journal article
    Objectives To evaluate candidate outcomes for disease-modifying trials in Huntington's disease (HD) over 6-month, 9-month and 15-month intervals, across multiple domains. To present guidelines on rapid efficacy readouts ...