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    • Anxiety and cosmopolitan futures : Brexit and Scotland 

      Knight, Daniel M. (2017-05) - Journal article
      Two themes, temporality and cosmopolitanism, repeatedly arose during conversations in Scotland with people who favored remaining in the European Union. The 2016 referendum’s result in favor leaving the EU has affected how ...
    • Dancing into darkness : cosmopolitanism and 'peripherality' in the Greek goth scene 

      Karampampas, Panas (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-22) - Thesis
      This thesis discusses concepts of cosmopolitism and peripherality in the Greek and wider European goth scene. The research took place primarily in Greece but extended to Germany, the United Kingdom and online as I ...
    • The dark power of belonging : The T-Shirt 

      Burgoyne, Robert James (2017-04-01) - Journal article
      In The T-Shirt, disagreement overflows into brutal confrontation, as the two characters provoke each other to act out roles preordained by the power of symbols. What Freud called the ‘narcissism of minor differences’ is ...
    • "Re-designing the nation" : politics and Christianity in Papua New Guinea's national parliament 

      Santos da Costa, Priscila (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-28) - Thesis
      My thesis addresses how Christianity can constitute itself as a creative force and a form of governance across different scales. I carried out 12 months of fieldwork between 2013 and 2015 in Papua New Guinea’s National ...
    • Russians abroad in postcommunist cinema 

      Kristensen, Lars Lyngsgaard Fjord (University of St Andrews, 2010-07-25) - Thesis