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    • Ageing with a captive society in London: Audrey, Ron and Smokey at the Zoo 

      Reed, Adam (2017) - Journal article
      This paper considers the spatio-temporal capacity of a set of relationships as they are identified by a group of older people who are regular visitors to London Zoo. It explores the intersections between the time of ...
    • City of purposes : free life and libertarian activism in London 

      Reed, Adam Douglas Evelyn (2015-03) - Journal article
      This essay looks at the ideas and practice of right-libertarian activists in London. It focuses on the value placed on purposefulness, and on the city as the terrain for a free life. Their activism is explored through an ...
    • Introduction : towards an ethnography of meeting 

      Brown, Hannah; Reed, Adam; Yarrow, Thomas (2017-04) - Journal article
      This introductory essay describes a novel approach to meetings in relation to broader literatures within and beyond anthropology. We suggest that notwithstanding many accounts in which meetings figure, little attention has ...
    • An office of ethics : meetings, roles and moral enthusiasm in animal protection 

      Reed, Adam (2017-04) - Journal article
      This article explores the relationship between meetings and organisational ethics in an animal protection charity in Scotland. Here, recent ‘professionalisation’ has seen the late introduction of an ethics of office and ...
    • Snared : ethics and nature in animal protection 

      Reed, Adam (2017-01) - Journal article
      This paper will examine how animal protection investigators, lobbyists and campaigners in Scotland consider the relationship between nature and ethics. Specifically, it will look at the complex ways in which activists ...
    • What is a schema? : Invited contribution to symposium on Philippe Descola 

      Toren, Christina (2014) - Journal item
      Comment on Descola, Philippe. 2013. Beyond nature and culture. Translated by Janet Lloyd with a foreword by Marshall Sahlins. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.