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    • Taking meaning out of context : essays on the foundations of natural language semantics 

      Cameron, Matthew Dunbar (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
      David Lewis articulated minimal constraints on a formal theory of natural language semantics that have been widely adopted by subsequent theorists: compositionality and sentence truth in a given context. In the process, ...
    • Taming the runabout imagination ticket 

      Berto, Francesco (2018-03-13) - Journal article
      The ‘puzzle of imaginative use’ (Kind and Kung in Knowledge through imagination, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2016) asks: given that imagination is arbitrary escape from reality, how can it have any epistemic value? ...
    • Testimony, context, and miscommunication. 

      Peet, Andrew (University of St Andrews, 2015-11-30) - Thesis
      This thesis integrates the epistemology of testimony with work on the epistemology, psychology, and metaphysics of language. Epistemologists of testimony typically ask what conditions must be met for an agent to gain ...
    • The theory of rational decision and the foundations of ethics 

      Sowden, Lanning Patrick (University of St Andrews, 1983-07) - Thesis
      The primary concern of this thesis is to investigate what light (if any) the theory of rational decision can throw on certain problems in first-order ethics. In particular, it examines whether given a correct theory of ...
    • There’s plenty of Boole at the bottom : a reversible CA against information entropy 

      Berto, Francesco; Tagliabue, Jacopo; Rossi, Gabriele (2016-12) - Journal article
      “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom”, said the title of Richard Feynman’s 1959 seminal conference at the California Institute of Technology. Fifty years on, nanotechnologies have led computer scientists to pay close ...
    • Through a looking glass: reflected experience in São Tomé and Principé 

      McWhinnie, Alexander (University of St Andrews, 2013-11-30) - Thesis
      The thesis sets out to examine how significant experience is sought, recognised and communicated in São Tomé and Principé. It notes the outcomes that are frequently searched for and describes the 'location' of significant ...
    • Through the food lens : the politics of everyday life in urban Burkina Faso 

      Debevec, Liza (University of St Andrews, 2005) - Thesis
      The subject of the thesis is the everyday life of several Muslim and one Christian family residing in different parts of Bobo-Dioulasso, the second largest town in Burkina Faso, situated in the south west, ...
    • Time domain wave separation using multiple microphones 

      Kemp, Jonathan A; van Walstijn, Maarten; Campbell, Murray; Chick, John; Smith, Richard (2010-07) - Journal article
      Methods of measuring the acoustic behavior of tubular systems can be broadly characterized as steady state measurements, where the measured signals are analyzed in terms of infinite duration sinusoids, and reflectometry ...
    • Time is double the trouble: Zeno's moving rows 

      Sattler, B. (2015-03) - Journal article
    • Time, fixity, and the metaphysics of the future 

      Diekemper, Joseph (University of St Andrews, 2005) - Thesis
      Philosophers who work on time often ignore the implications their doctrines have for the common sense intuition that the past is fixed and the future not. Similarly, those who work on fatalism, and whose arguments often ...
    • Times of the self in Kingston, Jamaica 

      Wardle, Huon (2017-05-27) - Journal article
      Revival Zionists – a small spiritist following in Jamaica – describe how their relations with spirits allow them to bring personal spiritual gifts to bear on every day or ‘temporal’ experience. Taking a hint from Kant that ...
    • Title redacted 

      Grgić, Ana (University of St Andrews, 2016) - Thesis
    • Title redacted 

      Randall, Leonard Avery (University of St Andrews, 2016) - Thesis
    • Title redacted 

      Paris, Panagiotis S. (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-22) - Thesis
    • Title redacted 

      Bartole, Tomi (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-20) - Thesis
    • Traditional authority revisited : ancestors, development and an alternative tempo-morality in Ho, Ghana 

      Swan, Eileadh (University of St Andrews, 2012) - Thesis
      This thesis endeavours to re-theorise traditional authority through a consideration of chieftaincy within Ghana’s Asogli Traditional Area. Chiefs’ increasing activity in the implementation of development projects, has ...
    • The transcendental structure of the world 

      Bader, Ralf M. (University of St Andrews, 2010) - Thesis
      This dissertation provides a systematic account of the metaphysics of transcendental idealism. According to the proposed theory, appearances are understood as intentional objects, while phenomena are considered as logical ...
    • Transformative treatments 

      Paul, L. A.; Healy, Kieran (2018-06) - Journal article
      Contemporary social-scientific research seeks to identify specific causal mechanisms for outcomes of theoretical interest. Experiments that randomize populations to treatment and control conditions are the “gold standard” ...
    • Transient observations : the textualizing of St Helena through five hundred years of colonial discourse 

      Schulenburg, Alexander Hugo (University of St Andrews, 1999) - Thesis
      This thesis explores the textualizing of the South Atlantic island of St Helena (a British Overseas Territory) through an analysis of the relationship between colonizing practices and the changing representations of the ...
    • Trial and error and the idea of progress 

      Pirie, Madsen (University of St Andrews, 1973) - Thesis