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    • The structure of mannitol 

      Steele, Ettie Stewart (University of St Andrews, 1919) - Thesis
    • Researches on methyl alcohol 

      Menzies, Robert Charles (University of St Andrews, 1921) - Thesis
    • The constitution of β-glucosan and its relationship to glucose, starch and cellulose 

      Oldham, John Walter Hyde (University of St Andrews, 1923) - Thesis
      The thesis is divided into two parts, which in turn are subdivided as follows: Account of the various methods for the preparation of glucosan. Proof of the constitution of glucosan, together with the general problem of its ...
    • The molecular constitution of inulin 

      McOwan, George (University of St Andrews, 1923-04) - Thesis
      The investigation on inulin, which forms the subject of the present thesis, is an extension of the earlier work of Irvine and Steele, who placed the study of this polysaccharide on an exact basis.
    • Investigations on cellulose 

      Robertson, George James (University of St Andrews, 1924-06) - Thesis
    • The constitution of glucose diacetone 

      Cramond, George Alexander (University of St Andrews, 1925-03) - Thesis
      The reaction which takes place between acetone and sugars or polyhydric alcohols, first described by Fischer, produced several beautiful crystalline compounds of greater interest. Their value, however, to the study of ...
    • The labile nature of the halogen atom in organic compounds 

      Traill, David (University of St Andrews, 1925-10) - Thesis
    • The molecular structure of inulin 

      Stevenson, John Whiteford (University of St Andrews, 1928-04) - Thesis
    • The structure of benzylidene alpha methylglucoside and of 2:3 dimethylglucose 

      Purves, Clifford B. (University of St Andrews, 1929-02) - Thesis
      After discussing the condensation portion of methylglucoside with benzaldehyde and the chemistry of the product, the structure of benzylidene methylglucoside, together with that of the dimethyl glucose, is reviewed. A few ...
    • The acetylation and methylation of starch 

      Rutherford, Jean Kerr (University of St Andrews, 1931-09) - Thesis
      The colloidal nature of starch, and the high molecular weight of the complex has rendered it impossible to study the constitution of this polysaccharide by other than degradation reactions. Accordingly starch has been ...
    • A contribution to the chemistry of xylose 

      Speedie, Thomas Hall (University of St Andrews, 1934) - Thesis
    • The constitution of starch : a study of the methyl, acetyl, and benzoyl derivatives of starch 

      Caldwell, Walter Anderson (University of St Andrews, 1934-01) - Thesis
      The field of the Chemistry of Starch is so wide and the complexities involved are so great that any attempt to solve the problems of the constitution of starch cannot be spread over the whole front, but must necessarily ...
    • The preparation of n-methyl-menthylamines etc. by means of a new method of n-alkylation 

      Hendry, James Allan (University of St Andrews, 1940) - Thesis
    • Walden inversion in the pentose series 

      Honeyman, John (University of St Andrews, 1944-01) - Thesis
      The interconversion of sugars in nature has for long been a source of interest and speculation. Many attempts were made to postulate a mechanism for the smooth and facile transformations but until 1933 the theories were ...
    • Studies on absorption from mammalian intestine 

      Wood, Helen Ogilvie (University of St Andrews, 1945-02) - Thesis
    • Researches in the terpene series 

      Cuthbertson, William Wilson (University of St Andrews, 1945-12) - Thesis
    • Photo-conduction in semi-conductors 

      Caldwell, John Bell (University of St Andrews, 1948-04) - Thesis
      This thesis is largely concerned with the phenomenon of photo-conduction in micro-crystalline layers of lead sulphide, antimony sulphide and thallium sulphide. All the materials studied are semi-conductors, either excess ...
    • Experiments in connection with the structure of emetine 

      Norcross, Geoffrey (University of St Andrews, 1949-01) - Thesis
      Emetine is the principal alkaloid of ipecacuanha root which is obtained from the plant known botanically as Psychotria Ipecacuanha, also called Cephaelis Ipecacuanha, indigenous to Brazil, and from Psychotria Acuminata ...
    • Stereochemical researches of reduced quinolines 

      Davidson, Walter Lamb (University of St Andrews, 1949-01) - Thesis
      The chapter of stereochemistry which deals with the attempted resolution of saturated tervalent nitrogen compounds is a long and interesting one, but is as yet incomplete. The problem has been attacked in many ways; but ...
    • Researches into the structure of emetine 

      Battersby, Alan Rushton (University of St Andrews, 1949-04) - Thesis
      The first crude preparation of the alkaloid emetine was obtained in 1817 by Pelletier from the plant species Cephaelis ipecacuanha. Since that day many workers have turned their attentions to the structural problem presented ...