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    • Insights into Blainville's beaked whale (Mesoplodon densirostris) echolocation ontogeny from recordings of mother-calf pairs 

      Dunn, Charlotte; Claridge, Diane; Durban, John; Shaffer, Jessica; Moretti, David; Tyack, Peter; Rendell, Luke (2017-01) - Journal article
    • An International Quiet Ocean Experiment 

      Boyd, Ian L.; Frisk, George; Urban, Ed; Tyack, Peter; Ausubel, Jesse; Seeyave, Sophie; Cato, Doug; Southall, Brandon; Weise, Michael; Andrew, Rex; Akamatsu, Tomonari; Dekeling, Rene; Erbe, Christine; Farmer, David; Gentry, Roger; Gross, Tom; Hawkins, Anthony; Li, Fenghua; Metcalf, Kathy; Miller, James H.; Moretti, David; Rodrigo, Cristian; Shinke, Tomio (2011-06) - Journal article
      The effect of noise on marine life is one of the big unknowns of current marine science. Considerable evidence exists that the human contribution to ocean noise has increased during the past few decades: human noise has ...
    • Lloyd's mirror effect in fin whale calls and its use to infer the depth of vocalizing animals 

      Pereira, Andreia; Harris, Danielle; Tyack, Peter; Matias, Luis (Acoustical Society of America, 2017) - Conference item
      The ocean acoustic Lloyd's Mirror effect (LME) is produced by interference between the direct-path and the sea surface phase-reversed reflection of a sound as observed at a receiver. It results in a frequencydependent ...