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  • Effects of landmark distance and stability on accuracy of reward relocation 

    Pritchard, David James; Hurly, T. Andrew; Healy, Susan Denise (2015-07) - Journal article
    Although small-scale navigation is well studied in a wide range of species, much of what is known about landmark use by vertebrates is based on laboratory experiments. To investigate how vertebrates in the wild use landmarks, ...
  • Title redacted 

    Pritchard, David James (University of St Andrews, 2016) - Thesis
  • Why study cognition in the wild (and how to test it)? 

    Pritchard, David James; Hurly, T. Andrew; Tello-Ramos, Maria Cristina; Healy, Susan Denise (2016-01-18) - Journal article
    An animal's behavior is affected by its cognitive abilities, which are, in turn, a consequence of the environment in which an animal has evolved and developed. Although behavioral ecologists have been studying animals in ...
  • Wild rufous hummingbirds use local landmarks to return to rewarded locations 

    Pritchard, David James; Scott, Renee D.; Healy, Susan Denise; Hurly, Andrew T. (2016-01) - Journal article
    Animals may remember an important location with reference to one or more visual landmarks. In the laboratory, birds and mammals often preferentially use landmarks near a goal (“local landmarks”) to return to that location ...