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  • Situated cognition and the function of behavior 

    Pritchard, David J. (2018) - Journal article
    In his review of “situated cognition” Cheng reminds us that the properties of cognition can be influenced by much more than what is going on in the brain. In this commentary, I focus on the lessons that this situated ...
  • Taking an insect-inspired approach to avian navigation 

    Pritchard, David J.; Healy, Susan D. (2018-03) - Journal item
    Navigation is an essential skill for many animals, and understanding how animal use environmental information, particularly visual information, to navigate has a long history in both ethology and psychology. In birds, the ...
  • Wild hummingbirds require a consistent view of landmarks to pinpoint a goal location 

    Pritchard, David J.; Hurly, T. Andrew; Healy, Susan D. (2018-03) - Journal article
    One outcome of the extensive work on the ways that birds and insects use visual landmarks to return to a rewarded location is that they use landmarks differently. But this conclusion may have been reached because the almost ...