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  • Incorporating non-equilibrium dynamics into demographic history inferences of a migratory marine species 

    Carroll, Emma L.; Alderman, R; Bannister, J L; Bérube, Martine; Best, P B; Boren, L; Baker, C S; Constantine, R.; Findlay, K; Harcourt, R; Lemaire, L; Palsbøll, P. J.; Patenaude, N J; Rowntree, V J; Seger, J; Steel, D; Valenzuela, L O; Watson, M; Gaggiotti, O. E. (2018-05-03) - Journal article
    Understanding how dispersal and gene flow link geographically separated populations over evolutionary history is challenging, particularly in migratory marine species. In southern right whales (SRWs, Eubalaena australis), ...