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  • Kdm3a lysine demethylase is an Hsp90 client required for cytoskeletal rearrangements during spermatogenesis 

    Kasioulis, Ioannis; Syred, Heather M.; Tate, Peri; Finch, Andrew; Shaw, Joseph; Seawright, Anne; Fuszard, Matthew Alexander; Botting, Catherine H.; Shirran, Sally; Adams, Ian R.; Jackson, Ian J.; van Heyningen, Veronica; Yeyati, Patricia L. (2014-04-15) - Journal article
    The lysine demethylase Kdm3a (Jhdm2a, Jmjd1a) is required for male fertility, sex determination, and metabolic homeostasis through its nuclear role in chromatin remodeling. Many histone-modifying enzymes have additional ...
  • A secretagogin locus of the mammalian hypothalamus controls stress hormone release 

    Romanov, Roman A.; Alpár, Alán; Zhang, Ming-Dong; Zeisel, Amit; Calas, André; Landry, Marc; Fuszard, Matthew Alexander; Shirran, Sally Lorna; Schnell, Robert; Dobolyi, Árpád; Oláh, Márk; Spence, Lauren; Mulder, Jan; Martens, Henrik; Palkovits, Miklós; Uhlen, Mathias; Sitte, Harald H.; Botting, Catherine Helen; Wagner, Ludwig; Linnarsson, Sten; Hökfelt, Tomas; Harkany, Tibor (2015-01-02) - Journal article
    A hierarchical hormonal cascade along the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis orchestrates bodily responses to stress. Although corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), produced by parvocellular neurons of the hypothalamic ...
  • Stathmin is enriched in the developing corticospinal tract 

    Fuller, Heidi; Slade, Robert; Jovanov-Milošević, Nataša; Babić, Mirjana; Sedmak, Goran; Šimić, Goran; Fuszard, Matthew Alexander; Shirran, Sally Lorna; Botting, Catherine Helen; Gates, Monte (2015) - Journal article
    Understanding the intra- and extracellular proteins involved in the development of the corticospinal tract (CST) may offer insights into how the pathway could be regenerated following traumatic spinal cord injury. Currently, ...