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  • Contrasting migratory responses of two closely-related seabirds to long-term climate change 

    Grecian, W. James; Taylor, Graeme A.; Loh, Graeme; McGill, Rona A. R.; Miskelly, Colin M.; Phillips, Richard A.; Thompson, David R.; Furness, Robert W. (2016-11-09) - Journal article
    Many marine predators migrate between breeding and non-breeding areas to target resources that are seasonal but spatio-temporally predictable, and so are vulnerable to climate-induced changes in prey phenology and abundance. ...
  • Quantifying variation in δ13C and δ15N isotopes within and between feathers and individuals : is one sample enough? 

    Grecian, W. James; McGill, Rona A. R.; Phillips, Richard A.; Ryan, Peter G.; Furness, Robert W. (2015-04) - Journal article
    Studies of avian migration increasingly use stable isotope analysis to provide vital trophic and spatial markers. However, when interpreting differences in stable isotope values of feathers, many studies are forced to make ...
  • Seabird diversity hotspot linked to ocean productivity in the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem 

    Grecian, W. James; Witt, Matthew J.; Attrill, Martin J.; Bearhop, Stuart; Becker, Peter H.; Egevang, Carsten; Furness, Robert W.; Godley, Brendan J.; González-Solís, Jacob; Grémillet, David; Kopp, Matthias; Lescroël, Amélie; Matthiopoulos, Jason; Patrick, Samantha C.; Peter, Hans-Ulrich; Phillips, Richard A.; Stenhouse, Iain J.; Voltier, Stephen C. (2016-08-16) - Journal article
    Upwelling regions are highly productive habitats targeted by wide-ranging marine predators and industrial fisheries. In this study, we track the migratory movements of eight seabird species from across the Atlantic; quantify ...