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    • Differentiation measures for conservation genetics 

      Jost, Lou; Archer, Frederick; Flanagan, Sarah; Gaggiotti, Oscar; Hoban, Sean; Latch, Emily (2018-08) - Journal article
      We compare the two main classes of measures of population structure in genetics: (1) fixation measures such as FST, GST, and θ, and (2) allelic differentiation measures such as Jost’s D and entropy differentiation. These ...
    • Horizons in evolutionary genomics : an interview with David Ferrier 

      Ferrier, David E. K. (2018-11-01) - Journal article
      David Ferrier is a Reader at the University of St Andrews and Deputy Director of the Scottish Oceans Institute, where his lab studies how the diversity of form in the animal kingdom evolved, with an emphasis on using ...