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    • Bayesian spatial NBDA for diffusion data with home-base coordinates 

      Nightingale, Glenna Faith; Laland, Kevin Neville; Hoppitt, William John Edward; Nightingale, Peter (2015-07-02) - Journal article
      Network-based diffusion analysis (NBDA) is a statistical method that allows the researcher to identify and quantify a social influence on the spread of behaviour through a population. Hitherto, NBDA analyses have not ...
    • BayesPiles : visualisation support for Bayesian network structure learning 

      Vogogias, Athanasios; Kennedy, Jessie; Archambault, Daniel; Bach, Benjamin; Smith, V Anne; Currant, Hannah (2018-11) - Journal article
      We address the problem of exploring, combining, and comparing large collections of scored, directed networks for understanding inferred Bayesian networks used in biology. In this field, heuristic algorithms explore the ...
    • Innovation and cumulative culture through tweaks and leaps in online programming contests 

      Miu, Elena; Gulley, Ned; Laland, Kevin N.; Rendell, Luke (2018-06-13) - Journal article
      The ability to build progressively on the achievements of earlier generations is central to human uniqueness, but experimental investigations of this cumulative cultural evolution lack real-world complexity. Here, we studied ...