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    • Wild hummingbirds can use the geometry of a flower array 

      Hornsby, Mark A. W.; Healy, Susan D.; Hurly, T. Andrew (2017-06) - Journal article
      Animals use cues from their environment to orient in space and to navigate their surroundings. Geometry is a cue whose informational content may originate from the metric properties of a given environment, and its use has ...
    • Wild rufous hummingbirds use local landmarks to return to rewarded locations 

      Pritchard, David James; Scott, Renee D.; Healy, Susan Denise; Hurly, Andrew T. (2016-01) - Journal article
      Animals may remember an important location with reference to one or more visual landmarks. In the laboratory, birds and mammals often preferentially use landmarks near a goal (“local landmarks”) to return to that location ...