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    • Bayesian spatial NBDA for diffusion data with home-base coordinates 

      Nightingale, Glenna Faith; Laland, Kevin Neville; Hoppitt, William John Edward; Nightingale, Peter (2015-07-02) - Journal article
      Network-based diffusion analysis (NBDA) is a statistical method that allows the researcher to identify and quantify a social influence on the spread of behaviour through a population. Hitherto, NBDA analyses have not ...
    • Harbour porpoise habitat preferences : robust spatio-temporal inferences from opportunistic data 

      Isojunno, Saana; Matthiopoulos, Jason; Evans, Peter G H (2012-02-23) - Journal article
      Statistical habitat modelling is often flagged as a cost-effective decision tool for species management. However, data that can produce predictions with the desired precision are difficult to collect, especially for species ...