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    • Revealing the mechanism for covalent inhibition of glycoside hydrolases by carbasugars at an atomic level 

      Ren, Weiwu; Pengelly, Robert Joseph; Farren-Dai, Marco; Abadi, Saeideh Shamsi Kazem; Oehler, Verena; Akintola, Oluwafemi; Draper, Jason; Meanwell, Michael; Chakladar, Saswati; Swiderek, Katazyna; Moliner, Vincent; Britton, Robert; Gloster, Tracey; Bennet, Andrew (2018-08-13) - Journal article
      Mechanism-based glycoside hydrolase inhibitors are carbohydrate analogs that mimic the natural substrate’s structure. Their covalent bond formation with the glycoside hydrolase makes these compounds excellent tools for ...