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  • Profiling persistent tubercule bacilli from patient sputa during therapy predicts early drug efficacy 

    Honeyborne, Isobella; McHugh, Timothy D.; Kuittinen, Iitu; Cichonska, Anna; Evangelopoulos, Dimitrios; Ronacher, Katharina; van Helden, Paul D.; Gillespie, Stephen H.; Fernandez-Reyes, Delmiro; Walzl, Gerhard; Rousu, Juho; Butcher, Philip D.; Waddell, Simon J. (2016-04-07) - Journal article
    Background. New treatment options are needed to maintain and improve therapy for tuberculosis, which caused the death of 1.5 million people in 2013 despite potential for an 86 % treatment success rate. A greater understanding ...