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  • Competition between hydrogen and halogen bonding in halogenated 1-methyluracil: water systems 

    Hogan, Simon William Leslie; van Mourik, Tanja (2016-03-30) - Journal article
    The competition between hydrogen- and halogen-bonding interactions in complexes of 5-halogenated 1-methyluracil (XmU; X = F, Cl, Br, I or At) with one or two water molecules in the binding region between C5-X and C4=O4 is ...
  • Stacking with the unnatural DNA base 6-ethynylpyridone 

    Gibson, Douglas J.; van Mourik, Tanja (2017-01-16) - Journal article
    It was previously reported that the incorporation of 6-ethynylpyridone (E) into a DNA duplex (replacing T in a T:A base pair) leads to DNA duplexes that are more stable than the T:A-containing duplexes. DFT calculations ...