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  • The Making of a Global Economic Player? An Appraisal of South Korea's Role in Myanmar 

    Fumagalli, Matteo (Korea Economic Institute of America, 2017-02-16) - Working or discussion paper
    Suddenly and unexpectedly, a er several decades as Asia’s backwater and basket case of interna onal development, Myanmar was thrust to the center stage of international attention in 2011. The country’s political opening ...
  • Myanmar 2016 : from enthusiasm to disillusionment 

    Fumagalli, Matteo (2017-07) - Journal article
    2016 was the year when political change finally came to Myanmar. After a five-year transition from military rule to a (semi-)civilian government, the two electoral rounds of November 2015 (parliamentary) and March 2016 ...
  • Regime survival, societal resilience, and change in North Korea 

    Fumagalli, Matteo (2014) - Journal item
    The rapid ascent to power of Kim Jong-un, accelerated by Kim Jong-il’s death in December 2011, confirmed hereditary succession as the modal form of political succession in North Korea. ‘Do not hope for any change in us,’ ...