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  • Multiple-response assessment for upper-division electrodynamics 

    Ryan, Xing; Baily, Charles; Pollock, Steven (American Association of Physics Teachers, 2016-12-29) - Conference item
    The CURrENT (Colorado UppeR-division ElectrodyNamics Test) was designed as an open-ended assessment to investigate student reasoning and learning, as well as assessing course transformations in upper-division electrodynamics. ...
  • Oscillator tunneling dynamics in the Rabi model 

    Irish, E. K.; Gea-Banacloche, J. (2014-02-21) - Journal article
    The familiar Rabi model, comprising a two-level system coupled to a quantum harmonic oscillator, continues to produce rich and surprising physics when the coupling strength becomes comparable to the individual subsystem ...