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  • Cryptococcal meningitis : epidemiology and therapeutic options 

    Sloan, Derek J.; Parris, Victoria (2014-05-13) - Journal item
    Cryptococcal meningitis causes morbidity and mortality worldwide. The burden of disease is greatest in middle- and low-income countries with a high incidence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV infection. Patients taking ...
  • Genotypic diversity is associated with clinical outcome and phenotype in cryptococcal meningitis across Southern Africa 

    Beale, Mathew A; Sabiiti, Wilber; Robertson, Emma J; Fuentes-Cabrejo, Karen M; O'Hanlon, Simon J; Jarvis, Joseph N; Loyse, Angela; Meintjes, Graeme; Harrison, Thomas S; May, Robin C; Fisher, Matthew C; Bicanic, Tihana (2015-06-25) - Journal article
    Cryptococcal meningitis is a major cause of mortality throughout the developing world, yet little is known about the genetic markers underlying Cryptococcal virulence and patient outcome. We studied a cohort of 230 ...