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  • Adventures in applying iteration lemmas 

    Pfeiffer, Markus Johannes (University of St Andrews, 2013-06-28) - Thesis
    The word problem of a finitely generated group is commonly defined to be a formal language over a finite generating set. The class of finite groups has been characterised as the class of finitely generated groups that ...
  • Pfaffian-like ground states for bosonic atoms and molecules in one-dimensional optical lattices 

    Duric, Tanja; Chancellor, Nicholas; Crowley, Philip J. D.; Di Cintio, Pierfrancesco; Green, Andrew G. (2016-02-29) - Journal article
    We study ground states and elementary excitations of a system of bosonic atoms and diatomic Feshbach molecules trapped in a one-dimensional optical lattice using exact diagonalization and variational Monte Carlo methods. ...