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  • Effect of collisions on amplification of laser beams by Brillouin scattering in plasmas 

    Humphrey, K. A.; Trines, R. M. G. M.; Fiuza, F.; Speirs, D. C.; Norreys, P.; Cairns, R. A.; Silva, L. O.; Bingham, R. (2013-10) - Journal article
    We report on particle in cell simulations of energy transfer between a laser pump beam and a counter-propagating seed beam using the Brillouin scattering process in uniform plasma including collisions. The results presented ...
  • Predicting and optimizing image compression 

    Murashko, Oleksandr; Thomson, John Donald; Leather, Hugh (ACM, 2016-10-01) - Conference item
    Image compression is a core task for mobile devices, social media and cloud storage backend services. Key evaluation criteria for compression are: the quality of the output, the compression ratio achieved and the computational ...
  • Trade-offs in the production of animal vocal sequences : insights from the structure of wild chimpanzee pant hoots 

    Fedurek, Pawel; Zuberbuhler, Klaus; Semple, Stuart (2017-11-06) - Journal article
    Background Vocal sequences - utterances consisting of calls produced in close succession - are common phenomena in animal communication. While many studies have explored the adaptive benefits of producing such sequences, ...