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  • 5-hydroxymethylcytosine marks promoters in colon that resist DNA hypermethylation in cancer 

    Uribe-Lewis, Santiago; Stark, Rory; Carroll, Thomas; Dunning, Mark J.; Bachman, Martin; Ito, Yoko; Stojic, Lovorka; Halim, Silvia; Vowler, Sarah L.; Lynch, Andy G.; Delatte, Benjamin; de Bony, Eric J.; Colin, Laurence; Defrance, Matthieu; Krueger, Felix; Silva, Ana Luisa; ten Hoopen, Rogier; Ibrahim, Ashraf E.K.; Fuks, François; Murrell, Adele (2015-04-01) - Journal article
    Background : The discovery of cytosine hydroxymethylation (5hmC) as a mechanism that potentially controls DNA methylation changes typical of neoplasia prompted us to investigate its behaviour in colon cancer. 5hmC is ...