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  • Compact objects in active galactic nuclei and X-ray binaries 

    Cackett, Edward M. (University of St Andrews, 2007) - Thesis
    In this thesis I study the inner-most regions of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) using the reverberation mapping technique, and neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries in quiescence using X-ray observations. Using the 13-year ...
  • Correlated X-ray/ultraviolet/optical variability in NGC 6814 

    Troyer, Jon; Starkey, David; Cackett, Edward M.; Bentz, Misty C.; Goad, Michael R.; Horne, Keith; Seals, James E. (2016-03-11) - Journal article
    We present results of a three-month combined X-ray/UV/optical monitoring campaign of the Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 6814. The object was monitored by Swift from June through August 2012 in the X-ray and UV bands and by the ...
  • A reverberation-based black hole mass for MCG-06-30-15 

    Bentz, Misty C.; Cackett, Edward M.; Crenshaw, D. Michael; Horne, Keith; Street, Rachel; Ou-Yang, Benjamin (2016-10-20) - Journal article
    We present the results of a reverberation campaign targeting MGC-06-30-15. Spectrophotometric monitoring and broad-band photometric monitoring over the course of 4 months in the spring of 2012 allowed a determination of a ...