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  • Tunable carrier multiplication and cooling in graphene 

    Johannsen, J.C.; Ulstrup, S.; Crepaldi, A.; Cilento, F.; Zacchigna, M.; Miwa, J.A.; Cacho, C.; Chapman, R.T.; Springate, E.; Fromm, F.; Raidel, C.; Seyller, T.; King, Phil; Parmigiani, F.; Grioni, M.; Hofmann, P. (2015-01-14) - Journal article
    Time- and angle-resolved photoemission measurements on two doped graphene samples displaying different doping levels reveal remarkable differences in the ultrafast dynamics of the hot carriers in the Dirac cone. In the ...
  • Ultrafast dynamics of massive Dirac fermions in bilayer graphene 

    Ulstrup, S.; Johannsen, J.C.; Cilento, F.; Miwa, J.A.; Crepaldi, A.; Zacchigna, M.; Cacho, C.; Chapman, R.; Springate, E.; Mammadov, S.; Fromm, F.; Raidel, C.; Seyller, T.; Parmigiani, F.; Grioni, M.; King, P.D.C.; Hofmann, P. (2014-06-25) - Journal article
    Bilayer graphene is a highly promising material for electronic and optoelectronic applications since it is supporting massive Dirac fermions with a tunable band gap. However, no consistent picture of the gap's effect on ...