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  • Experimental evidence that wildflower strips increase pollinator visits to crops 

    Feltham, H.; Park, K.; Minderman, J.; Goulson, D. (2015-08-19) - Journal article
    Wild bees provide a free and potentially diverse ecosystem service to farmers growing pollination-dependent crops. While many crops benefit from insect pollination, soft fruit crops, including strawberries are highly ...
  • Seasonal complementary in pollinators of soft-fruit crops 

    Ellis, Ciaran R.; Feltham, Hannah; Park, Kirsty; Hanley, Nick; Goulson, Dave (2017-03) - Journal article
    Understanding the relative contributions of wild and managed pollinators, and the functional contributions made by a diverse pollinator community, is essential to the maintenance of yields in the 75% of our crops that ...