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  • Biological diversity of fish communities : pattern and process 

    Magurran, A. E.; Khachonpisitsak, S.; Ahmad, A. B. (2011-12) - Journal article
    For over 150 years, ecologists have been striving to explain fundamental patterns of biological diversity, such as the observation that communities invariably consist of common and rare species, and to unravel the processes ...
  • Capital and income breeding : the role of food supply 

    Stephens, Philip A.; Houston, Alasdair I.; Harding, Karin C.; Boyd, Ian L.; McNamara, John M. (2014-04) - Journal article
    An aspect of life history that has seen increasing attention in recent years is that of strategies for financing the costs of offspring production. These strategies are often described by a continuum ranging from capital ...
  • In search of the best methods for multivariate selection analysis 

    Morrissey, Michael B. (2014-10) - Journal article
    Regression is an important method for characterizing the form of natural selection from individual-based data. Many kinds of regression analysis exist, but few are regularly employed in studies of natural selection. I ...