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  • Coordinatively unsaturated metal organic frameworks for olefin separations 

    Renouf, Catherine Louise (University of St Andrews, 2013-06-26) - Thesis
    The research presented in this thesis aims to assess the capacity of metal organic frameworks with open metal sites for the separation of olefin mixtures. Chapter 1 provides a background to the field, including industrial ...
  • Surface ligand mediated growth of CuPt nanorods 

    Yu, Fengjiao; Xu, Xiaoxiang; Baddeley, Christopher John; Bellabarba, Ronan; Lignier, Pascal; Tooze, Robert Paul; Fina, Federica; Irvine, John Thomas Sirr; Zhou, Wuzong (2014-03-07) - Journal article
    CuPt alloy nanorods have been synthesized via one dimensional assembly of randomly orientated nanocrystallites in the presence of hexadecanoic acid and hexadecylamine as surface ligands. When hexadecanoic acid was added ...